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Degree Programs

Biblical StudiesChristian Leadership Studies Christian PsychologyEntrepreneurship & Innovation Life Coaching Program Pastoral Studies


Biblical Studies

The Biblical Studies program at Manifest Theological Institute provides a comprehensive study of the Biblical Scriptures. You will learn to explore the Biblical text at a deeper level for the purpose of interpreting it faithfully and communicating it effectively. Your theological studies will help you answer important questions about the content of the Christian faith and what it means to live as a Christian in this world. This program is designed to assist you in understanding the Bible in a way that enables you to be a Christian leader and teacher of others.
As a Biblical Studies major at Manifest Theological, you'll:

  • Learn to recognize and interpret the various genres of the books of the Bible
  • Learn to  think theologically and comprehensively about life and ministry
  • Receive a high level of academic preparation for further studies at top Seminaries and/or Universities
  • Have huge opportunities for hands-on experience through in-reach and outreach projects

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Christian Leadership Studies

The program in Christian Leadership Studies at Manifest Theological is premised on the belief that leadership requires a deep understanding of the self and the core values that drive one's actions. The program begins by creating a captivating personal vision that defines who you are, what you believe, and how you fit into your world. Through an interdisciplinary approach, the curriculum examines the historical, contemporary, philosophical, theoretical, theological, and practical aspects of leadership. The series of courses is designed to help students develop personal and organizational leadership skills culminating with an emphasis on leading communities and organizations in a global environment.
Upon completion of the program, students will…

  • Develop knowledge of self, group dynamics and communication processes
  • Understand the concepts of leadership and followership to more effectively and actively engage in individual, organizational, and global change.
  • Foster ethical decision-making through critical analysis, problem solving, and discussions about integrity and character
  • Recognize change as a vital part of the leadership process, and prepare future leaders to deal with change in a constructive way

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Christian Psychology

The Christian Psychology program at Manifest Theological Institute provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the foundational theories of human nature, explored from a Christian perspective, and challenges students to integrate faith and the study of human behavior in a scholarly environment that fosters critical thinking and creative thinking.

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Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The certificate program in Entrepreneurship & Innovation is designed to promote innovative and tactical thinking among students and develop the necessary real-world skills for establishing a successful business venture.  Students will demonstrate these skills by successfully completing the prescribed course of study and developing and presenting a viable business plan to a review panel made up of successful entrepreneurs in the capstone course.

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Life Coaching Program

Each day, a number of individuals meet the world head on only to feel embattled, scarred and fruitless at rising above the challenges that stand in the way of them meeting their personal and professional goals. All too often, they have given up hope and have resigned themselves to a life of helplessness, misfortune and failures.


Because of the dreams and the hopes of a committed church, a program created to help those in need has emerged. Manifest Theological Institute (MTI) has established a Life Coaching Certification Program with a goal of shaping and equipping students with the skills necessary to guide others down a path of realizing their personal and professional goals.

Course I:        An Introduction to Life Coaching Fundamentals

Course II:      Specialties in Life Coaching

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Pastoral Studies

The Pastoral Studies program at Manifest Theological Institute is designed to teach believers about the five-fold ministry office of the pastor. Those enrolled in this program may or may not be called to the office. Pastoral Studies students will complete 1 – 2 years of required coursework and participate in the yearlong Servant Leadership Internship Program.

MTI believes that preparation for ministry takes place both in the classroom and in the field of service. It is vital to link theory and practice. Instead of learning taking place only in the isolation of the classroom, MTI supports learning happening within the community of faith as the student ministers in a ministry context and reflects on that experience. Pastoral Studies students will participate in a year-long Servant Leadership Internship Program. Throughout the year, students will be exposed to and participate in ministry opportunities centered on evangelism, counseling, missions, and ministry operations.

Required Courses:
Principles of Leadership
An Examination of Biblical Leadership
Ministry Operations
Ministry Essentials
Pastoral Ministry

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